6 Bagels Who Lied On Their Job Applications

Bagels are the most delicious food on the planet, along with Nutella and hamburgers and Nutella burgers on a bagel bun. But you know what? Can’t trust them half as far as you can throw them. Here are six bagels who lied on their job applications.

1. This bagel bit off more than it could chew

Bagel1It is totally unqualified to handle the social media presence of a midsize company.

2. This bagel has been spreading more than lies

Bagel3It knowingly comes to work sick, infecting the whole office.

3. This bagel thought it could handle everything

Bagel4But it’s quickly learning how wrong it was, at great emotional cost to itself and its friends.

4. This bagel has no moral fiber

Bagel2It also lied about the other applicants, one of whom was a close friend.

5. This bagel is caught in a ring of lies

Bagel5Its web of falsehoods is quickly crashing down around it.

6. This bagel is just awful

bagel6It enjoys neither telling the truth nor spending time with family.



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