Home Is Where You Hang Your Jellyfish

People seem to enjoy hearing about my city almost as much as I enjoy bragging about it. Thus, the newest feature on Pavlov’s Hair Conditioner turns the spotlight to the beautiful and bizarre town of Burlington, Vermont.

The Queen City is gorgeous even by New England standards.

Figure 1.1: Perfection.

Figure 1.1

It’s a city of friends and farmers, of green living and great restaurants…






…political statements…


…and a goddamn terrifying Masonic temple:


That hulking brick behemoth on the right.

Now, I have nothing against the Masons – my own family has a lengthy history of membership – and the temple is no longer active anyway. But look at that massive mound of mortar and tell me you could stand in its shadow without feeling crushingly overwhelmed.

That building dominates one end of Church Street – the beautiful pedestrian shopping area at the center of town.


There’s usually a lot more going on, but it’s incredibly cold and no one wants to go outside.

Burlington is very much a city of churches. There are four or five around Church Street alone, including the Unitarian building that gives the shopping center its name. And that’s just the start of it. As part of a required religion course, sophomores at Champlain College visit centers of worship around the city and learn about their culture. Despite hundreds of students flooding the holy buildings around town, rarely do any of them cross paths. There are more than enough beliefs present in the city to accommodate everyone. I’m not terribly religious myself, but I think there’s something beautiful about that, and it says a lot about the nature of the Queen City.

I’m rubbish at ending posts. Please contemplate the following pictures.




Welcome to Burlington.


8 responses to “Home Is Where You Hang Your Jellyfish

  1. I have not been here. I saw your other post about Lake Champlain being frozen, and for a moment my brain jumped to Burlington, ON, also a city on a lake (but a different one). Seems I am missing out on a great city. Thanks for sharing, and the photos.

  2. When my daughter moved to Burlington to attend school I knew I had lost her …. Being in this place has just helped her to blossom…and like you she will move from there one day, but I will be surprised if she doesn’t return.

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