5 TV Shows From The 90s You Don’t Remember But Will Pretend To For Nostalgia

The 1990s invented human culture and society as a whole. Here are five sitcoms from that magical decade you don’t remember, but will pretend to for the sake of nostalgia.

1. Marshall Matters


This classic stars a young Eminem as the quirky, funky middle son of a suburban middle manager and his aspiring novelist wife. The show spawned the popular spinoff Family Mathers, which ran until 2002.

Run: 4 seasons, one incredibly awkward music video

2. Teenager Who Looks Like She Would Be Popular At School But Isn’t

Wendy DeLorentes captured our hearts as the beautiful, well-dressed, socially adept fun-lover that no one liked. Nobody liked her small group of equally attractive and outgoing friends, either.

Run: 3 seasons, two attempts at a cast reunion that no one asked for

3. Lost At Sea

lostatseaWho could forget this wacky retelling of Gilligan’s Island where no one survives the sinking of the S.S. Minnow?

Run: 10 minutes

4. Who Remembers the 80s?

This short-lived teen game show featured 80s kids racing to remember parachute pants, Garbage Pail Kids, and skater hair. Who Remembers was widely panned after failing to capture the pep of the original Just 1940s Things.

Run: 1 season, exactly one season too many

5. Malcolm in the Middlesex County Prison


Oh, he’s really done it now!

Run: 25 years to life


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