The 6 Worst Situations For Introverts

When you’d rather be home with a book than out with a bunch of strangers, life presents all kinds of little challenges. Here are six of the worst situations shy people can find themselves in.

1. Plane crash


One minute you’re relaxing with your music and a crossword, the next your plane is falling from the sky and fire is everywhere. Awkward!

2. Attacked By Dogs

You’d really like to be in bed right now, but instead you’re being savagely mauled by Dobermans. At least tomorrow is a sleep-in day, right?

3. Trapped in an elevator with a violent escaped convict


Oh my god, do I make eye contact? Should I say anything? Does my breath smell bad? You won’t have time to ask any of these before you bleed out.

4. Waking up trapped on the locked observation deck of the Empire State Building with no clothes

You got a bit more tipsy last night than you usually let yourself get. If only you hadn’t, you might not be stuck on top of the popular New York landmark without your comfy pants.

5. Becoming a lion trainer with no previous experience, and being unable to admit this to anybody because of a witch’s curse


You’re still paying for your ancestors’ sins at Salem, and now you’ve somehow ended up as a clueless lion trainer. The beast does not seem to share your anticipation for the next episode of Supernatural.

6. Pretending you’re Matt Lauer and doing so well that Matt Lauer also thinks you’re Matt Lauer and you have to help him relearn who he is

Literally the worst.


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