5 Signs You Might Be Sherlock


We’re all hooked on the British crime drama Sherlock. And who wouldn’t be? It’s got intrigue, suspense, and the dashing good looks of the fine men from across the pond. To celebrate the start of the third series earlier this month, we compiled a list of five signs you might the show’s protagonist, Sherlock Holmes.

1. All your actions are predetermined by a team of screenwriters

You might be the handsome lead of Steven Moffat’s hit TV show if you are completely incapable of exerting free will. None of your actions are your own!

2. You’re played by Benedict Cumberbatch

If you’re a fictional detective played by this very nonfictional British actor, you might be the contemporary adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s classic hero.

3. Your on-screen partner is played by Martin Freeman

If you appear alongside your equally fictional best friend and partner, Dr. John Watson, you just might be Sherlock Holmes. Try not to imagine him as a hobbit.

4. You only appear in 90-minute intervals

If you only appear in the ten episodes and various promotional material for the program Sherlock, you might be the roguish lead of the program Sherlock.

5. No one understands you

If no one ever seems to understand the depth of your genius, you might be Sherlock. Or, more likely, you’re just a whiny twat.

Think you might be Sherlock? Let us know in the comments!


14 responses to “5 Signs You Might Be Sherlock

  1. Pahahaha! That’s great. LOVE Sherlock (the tv show, the RDJ movies, the novels/short stories, everything).

  2. I am not Sherlock. I am only attracted to smart, attractive, unavailable men but I’m not one myself. I therefore deduce that I am a hopeless fangirl like the rest.

      • It took me ages to watch the original version of The Office. But I swear man, he carried the entire heart of that show, and that last episode (the Christmas one where Dawn comes back), I felt like he captured something pure and perfect, almost like he wasn’t acting at all. He was fucking every guy, he was me.

        Love him in Sherlock too.

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