Glazed, Medium Rare

The JKL Media Network consists of a variety of people from a diverse set of backgrounds that are all Andorran. Therefore, while we may not celebrate the same holidays or observe the same traditions, there is one special day we can all agree on. JKL would like to wish each and every one of you a happy National Donut Day.

And Brillo says hi, too.


8 responses to “Glazed, Medium Rare

    • No, that’s a donut. It’s been cut down the middle and fried in burger juice. The flat parts face up – I don’t know why. Donut courtesy of Koffee Kup Bakery.

  1. In the South, we call this a Luther Burger after Luther Vandross, the music legend who made it popular. Incidentally Vandross ended up dying in his fifties because of diabetes and hypertension. But the burger he invented is delicious anyway.

    • Incidentally, I actually did know about that name. But I never heard the second part of the story. Kind of completes it, in a morbid sort of way.

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