Who’s Up For Some Bovine Bonding?

So I’m walking by these cows, when suddenly one cow turns and locks eyes with me. As I continue to walk down the path, not breaking this unexpected bovine eye contact, the cow’s head just slowly turns, following my gaze. For the benefit of the dog walker behind me, I do a “Here’s lookin’ at you, cow” kinda finger point. Suddenly, all ten or so cows in the enclosure turn and walk in the direction I pointed. The dog walker and his canine stop dead in their tracks. I continue as if nothing had happened. These cows and I… we really connected.

(Want to find out what the featured image is of? Tune in later for our coverage of Xavier’s solo trip to Waterford, by which time we may have figured out what the hell that statue means.)


2 responses to “Who’s Up For Some Bovine Bonding?

  1. That was a good story. I have a story about how a friend of mine and me spent a whole weekend teaching a lake full of ducks how to quack part of a classical music piece…

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