Pavlov Responds to Spam – “PriceMinister”

Welcome back to Pavlov Responds to Spam, where robots and canned meat finally find true love together. We have a special edition for you today – a compilation of spam. A spampilation, if you will.

I’m sorry.

That was terrible.

So is the following comment, which comes to us from PriceMinister – your democratic alternative to PriceKing and PriceDespot. The Elected Official of Big Big Value writes:

Click on spam to make spam bigger.

Wow, thanks PriceMinister! You say I’m rosy? Well, my cheeks certainly are flushed now, ha, ha! You enjoy explore owing to who I am? I’m so glad I could help you get over your fear of explore. Honestly, I’m greatly honored. Oh, and your group is any morning I’ve made? Sir, you do flatter me!

But wait, there’s more! The Good PM says everyone loves me not caused by what I am about. Holy moly, that’s the nicest thing I’ve heard all day. And lastly, Mr. PriceMinister, you sure are right that What i’m people i am to you. No wonder I keep voting for this guy.

Tune in whenever for another exciting edition of Pavlov Responds to Spam.

Also, I solved my image visibility blues. Just click on the image for a bigger image. Blammo!


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