O’Donald’s and the High Burger King of Ireland

If ever you needed a reminder of the ubiquity of fast food, this is it:

There are actually two McDonald’s on O’Connell.

Even with their own fantastic local cuisine – pub food, because I pretend colcannon doesn’t exist – there are a shocking number of fast food joints in Dublin. Sadly, there are no Wendy’s in Ireland – but at least the others have to comply with EU regulations. In other words, McDonald’s burgers taste shockingly decent, and Burger King fries resemble cardboard slightly less. You can tell I don’t have much love for fast food.

Except for Wendy, a girl after my own heart.

Except for Wendy, a girl after my own heart.

Also, 1 in 5 McDonald’s burgers sold in Europe is made of Irish beef, which is renowned for its deliciousness. The moral here is if you’re going to eat fast food and don’t live in Europe, befriend an airline pilot with the sole motivation of abusing his friendship to score free plane rides, ultimately abandoning your pseudo-BFF in favor of piping hot, simply delicious European fast food. Amoral morals are my favorite kind of morals.

In conclusion, here’s Brillo’s contractually obligated inclusion in this post.




5 responses to “O’Donald’s and the High Burger King of Ireland

  1. Sigh. It’s always so sad to me when I travel and see American fast food everywhere. I don’t actually remember seeing a lot in Dublin, though – maybe I didn’t get far enough from the city center or maybe they were hiding behind all the rain.

    • There aren’t as many here as in, say, New York City, but we still have plenty of fast food. O’Connell Street alone has two McDonald’s, two Burger Kings, a Supermac’s (Irish fast food chain), a Quizno’s, a Papa John’s, several Subways, and other restaurants of that ilk. Pub food and other nice establishments are typically held in higher regard, but there are still metric bucketloads of fast food joints.

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