Pavlov Responds to Spam – “Anything You Must Have”

Welcome back to Pavlov Responds to Spam, where one man’s trash is still another man’s trash, but funnier or something. Today’s letter comes to us from Adjustable Weights. Señor Weights writes:

You know, Adjustable – may I call you Adjustable? – I had never considered it from that angle before. I’ve been looking at the problem from more of a geological standpoint, but to approach it from a lens of quantum mechanics is absolutely brilliant. I would love to recommend Albert Einstein’s 1916 treatise On the Use of Geomagnetic Polarity for Solving Complex Latitudinal-Bearing Equations, but unfortunately it doesn’t exist.

Good luck!

Tune in next time for another exciting edition of Pavlov Responds to Spam.


10 responses to “Pavlov Responds to Spam – “Anything You Must Have”

    • Not much to the joke – the point is that the spam makes no sense without context, and I’m furthering the lack of context to the point of absurdity. In other words, no need to feel left out or silly, and sorry if I made you feel inadequate in any way.

  1. “Anything You Must Have But Hope You Hardly Ever Need To Use” sounds like a Gershwin song title. It does have a ring to it, doesn’t it?

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