Pavlov Army Roll Call

This is probably the biggest announcement I have ever made on this site, but for the sake of maintaining an aura of nonchalance, I will keep it brief. A project over a year in the making is finally a reality. Since last January, I’ve been experimenting with getting all my content under one banner – Pavlov’s Hair Conditioner, Pavlov’s Hedgehogs, The Media Manifesto, Flippin’ Awful – all of it. And now, as of very early this morning, that project is nearing completion.

Ladies and gentlemen of Pavlov’s Hair Conditioner, I give you: This is the end result of half a year of programming lessons, sizable investments, hours of design work, and at least five attempts to gnaw on my computer screen in utter frustration. This is what I’ve been preparing for, and might I say that it is not too shabby.

That said, this is still a work in progress. If you have the time, I would love for you to venture over there and let me know what you think. I am aware of several flaws already and have various plans to fix or work around them. But I need the support and feedback of a community more familiar with my work than most.

The plan as of now is to repost material to kickstart the site, with a mix of new material as it rolls in. These won’t be straight-up reposts, though, as I plan on editing where needed and omitting any unnecessary additions (like The Streeties, which still haven’t stopped burning in the wake of their horrific crash). This will, ideally, be the most streamlined version of my content to date, but I need your help.

That was a bit longer than planned, but who cares – I’m frickin’ ecstatic right now.

As a way of saying “Thanks,” here’s the only submission I received for The Streeties, which has remained unpublished. This is Josh and Gary of Portland, Maine (photo credit: my iPhone).

No idea if it's their own joke or the Internet's - but who cares? I have my website now.

No idea if it’s their own joke or the Internet’s – but who cares? I have my website now.


5 responses to “Pavlov Army Roll Call

  1. Awesome. Where is the follow button. Oh, and when I typed in the comment box, the words that say ‘Leave a comment here’ stayed there and made it hard to see my new words.

    • I’m working on an RSS feed for the site, but for now, entering your email into the “Subscribe” box is your best bet. I’m not seeing the “Leave a comment” issue, but please let me know if it continues. It may have gone away after the comment was approved, in which case it’s still an issue, just not as bad. Are you still seeing it? Thanks for the help.

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