A Very International Introduction

Hey, folks. Brillo here, writing for Xavier, who is still recovering from the shock of his fans “accosting” him two nights ago. As I’m sure you’ve figured out by now, I am adorable (and 100% available, ladies…).

Ladies like 'em scruffy.

Not that I have any problem getting action on my own.

Currently, we’re in Ireland, but I’m making Xavier take me all over Europe, like the obedient pet that he is. Speaking of which, it’s dinner time.

Brillo's spoon

C’mon, Xavier. I’m not getting any younger or less undeniably cute.

I’ll let Xavier put in his two cents when he’s done cleaning my dinner plates, but here’s my opinion of Ireland so far:

1. Irish mealworms are much better than the ones back home. They have that extra kick that American mealworms just lack, y’know?

2. The lady-hedgies over here are real hogs. Why can’t they be like that in the States?

3. Xavier, you done with the dishes yet?

Pavlova - delicious.

Wait, one more.

So, be sure to come back to Pavlov’s Hedgehogs for more adorable pictures of me and some stupid photos of Xavier. We’ll be traveling around Europe for a while for YesTour Europe 2013, so you can count on lots of awesome photos from me, Brillo the Adorable!

(And me, Xavier the

Bye, folks!



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