The Pavlov Candid Creativity Awards (a.k.a., The Streeties)

For those who know the Pavlov Team personally, you may know how committed we are to leaving the world a different place when we leave. After our string of unsuccessful art heists, we decided leaving a positive mark might be a bit better. On a side note, music, while a magnificent and culturally valuable art, is very difficult to steal due to its surprising lack of tangibility.

In our efforts to leave the world a better place than we found it (our resident cynic says this shouldn’t be too hard), we decided to roll out the Pavlov Candid Creativity Awards a few years back. After the Great Pavlov Purge of whenever the hell we felt like it, the awards fell into disuse. But now, we are bringing them back – better than ever.

The Pavlov Candid Creativity Awards (or the Streeties) are given to the street performer, food vendor, panhandler, or other roadside personality who best distinguishes him or herself from the rest of the pack. Originally, the awards were limited to the East Coast cities the Pavlov Team visits during Xavier Yes’s Whirlwind Tour of America (this year, 26 May through 24 August), but we have decided to extend them to all places everywhere. So, get out there, and if you see someone making their roadside living through being different than all the rest, please (with their permission) send a brief description of their routine and where they’re located to If we like it, we’ll post it, and the winners will be announced at the end of summer. Questions and Dear Socially Awkward submissions can be sent to the same address. Thanks, all, and have a great summer.

Oh, and Xavier wants you guys to know that there will be more posts and Socially Awkward responses following, now that we’ve finally got some free time. So there’s that.

Thanks again,

~Xavier Yes and the Pavlov Team

Ha, he's screwed. Get it? 'Cause he's made of metal? Yeah.

Something like this, courtesy of


3 responses to “The Pavlov Candid Creativity Awards (a.k.a., The Streeties)

    • Hey, sounds like a plan. I’ve heard there’s loads of creativity out west. I look forward to anything you submit, and am still in awe over how frequently you are able to update, especially when banana slugs are concerned. Yeesh.
      Best of luck with your booming blog. Glad your updates are so regular – there’s less waiting that way.

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