So, I’m a Meme Now

Well, today the Internet learns a little bit more about Xavier Yes. This meme – Jerememe, after the name I tend to go by when not being known on the Internet – started as an inside-joke kinda thing, but I suppose Pavlov’s Hair Conditioner is contagious. Soon the meme became less about college life and more about the things I’m known for (a huge ego-boost). More importantly, however, it’s about the things Internet Xavier is known for. Long-time readers will understand a few more of these than shorter-time readers, but everyone should be able to find things they like. Check it out here.

Quick, relevant facts about Xavier:

Known for, among other things, stand-up routine where he plays a goat-obsessed Andorran

Does things that are not necessarily what a sane person might do


Is incredibly vain about his hair (which changes, on its own, every day)

Radical supporter of northern New England

Refers to himself in the third person

So, yeah. Check it out. If you’ve got any you want to add, be my guest. But be warned – here’s my addition to the meme:

No, really, I have no idea.


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