Dear Socially Awkward; Sit Down, Shut Up, and Learn; and WordPress sorcery

Pavlov’s Hair Conditioner is getting a new look. Long-time readers will be happy to know that we’ve still got the unique brand of narrative humor that the site is founded on, and still under the famous “Miscellaneous” category. But now, we’ve also got new categories, features, links, and design. Read our advice column, “Dear Socially Awkward.” Learn some crazy history with “TDIH.” Educate yourself about stuff and things with “Sit Down, Shut Up, and Learn.” And, finally, there is new integration with “The Media Manifesto.” Special thanks to the good folks over at JKL Media, LLC, for making this all possible. Huzzah!

Join the duck.
The ultimate in pseudo-Communist mass media humor.
Who needs tried-and-true advice when you can stuff lobsters down pants?

The whole process is still in the works, so come check out what we’ve got now, and be sure to check in later to find out why top hats were originally a crime, the horrible things that would happen if sci-fi technology were real, and famous events that never happened. Also read more Dear Socially Awkward – the advice you’d really want to hear – and learn about what happened on your birthday before you were born. With further Facebook integration, links to all sorts of smashing websites, and the same best, most modest person in the world, Pavlov’s Hair Conditioner is about to enter a new age. Thanks to all our long-time readers, and welcome to the new ones.


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