Dear Socially Awkward

Dear Socially Awkward:

I recently had a messy break-up, and now my ex won’t even talk to me. I have always thought of myself as attractive, and people tell me I have a good personality. I feel like I should just put this behind me and move on to people who will treat me with more respect. Am I just being naïve?

Self-Confident in Sacramento

Dear Stupid:

What you have here is a textbook example of Marxist Communism. Before you start shoving lobsters down his/her pants, you should probably call the House Un-American Activities Committee. Then ready the lobsters.

Your letter, however, is unhelpfully vague. I mean, how attractive are you? Really attractive, or just kind of pleasing to the eyes? Or are you just a lying prick? Also, are you male or female, because it’s possible that your partner had this in mind when breaking up. If you answer these questions, then I can help you select between Homarus gammarus and Homarus americanus lobsters.

Until next time, this is Socially Awkward. Stay away.

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