The Letter X, or Lack Thereof

In honor of the ancient Sumerian holiday that I just invented, I am going to write something a bit different. There have been numerous attempts to write paragraphs, stories, and books without using the letter “e.” Well, from now on, just for variation, I will not be using the letter “x.” All right, from now on.

See, any ol’ person can write something interesting without the letter “e.” It’s the most common letter in the English language, so even though not using it is difficult, it’s also cliché. But this other letter, which will go unnamed, is much more tempting to use than “e” is. It’s a much more e-otic letter. Fill that in as you wish.

With its two crossed arms, it looks as though it’s refusing to be placed into any category. So it really is well suited to this blog. ‘Tis a stubborn letter, it is. Maybe, just maybe, by refusing to use it, I will show it who’s boss, and it will finally do my bidding. Because, um, nobody else will.

I’m not really sure what else to say. I guess the hard part about writing a story without a letter is that you still have to write a story.

Until next time, this is Xavier – dammit.


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