The Importance of Eating Ethically

I’m a strict carnivore. I am radically opposed to the merciless slaughter of countless fruits, vegetables, grains, and the general floral population. Cows, chickens, pigs, mongooses, they at least have a chance of running away. But what about wheat? It’s rooted in the ground. Then the farmer comes with a giant thresher and tears it all to pieces. It’s brutal, I tell you. Just think of the callousness required to shred defenseless organisms to bits while they’re still alive. Terrible, terrible. While on a hiking trip, I was generally vegetarian/vegan. At least, until I thought of what I was condoning.

If any of you out there are vegetarians, please hear me out. While I respect the fact that you would prefer to eat helpless living things that are murdered in a hundred-acre genocide, I must say that this just isn’t the lifestyle for me. I feel much more comfortable eating something slightly closer to my species’ intelligence than devouring the lowest of the low. So please, if there’s anyone out there, next time you dig into a big plate of dead chlorophyll, think: Do I really need these essential nutrients?

Until next time, this is Xavier Yes. Stay classical.


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